Our mission is to restore moms' hearts to God's heart for motherhood, encouraging others in their ministry of motherhood.

Motherhood, as God designed it, seems lost in today's world. Culture and media do not validate the importance of Motherhood. They do not understand that when children are not trained, disciplined and encouraged, there is no future adult generation with Godly charter. We have prayed for a movement of moms from all over the world to rise up. Godly women are answering the call to commit to His purpose; to bring righteousness in their lives, in their homes, and in the lives of their children and to support their husbands. They are inspiring other women in the spirit of a Titus 2 women; to encourage, train and equip other women to read God's Word, to love the Lord, the please Him, and in finding those pleasing ways of his, they will in turn have the courage and life and faith in their homes to build a Godly generation for His purpose.

These women believe that when a woman is isolate or feels alone, because of messages of media, culture, sometimes in your own church, that what you are doing as a mom isn't important. Moms then become targets of Satan. But, when a woman has a mentor or when she is in a small group, or has a friend to walk with her and to show her what is really true, what's really biblical, they can then, begin to change the world. Christ isn't just a theological thought to know, He is an organic God, a living God who has art and beauty and a heart for you. --- Sally Clarkson (MomHeart Leader Intensive Training 2010)

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Ladies Retreat

Debra Giles

Fairview Heights, IL

Debra Giles is a Conference Leader with A Mom’s Heart in Illinois Ministries. She has served as speaker, mentor, and support group leader for the past seven years. Debra has been married to her best friend Joe for 23 years, mother of six, and a grandmother of ten grandchildren. She has a true heart for women’s ministry and is passionate about helping ladies in their walk with Jesus. A primary goal for Debra is to equip sisters in Christ with greater tools and survival mechanisms so they can become better wives and mothers.
Debra enjoys hiking, going on long drives with family, and especially treasures her daily alone time with God. Her “just for fun” activity is being around people! Debra’s church family is the Fairview Heights church of Christ where she has been actively serving for 20 years. A part of her ministry there includes conducting annual Mother-Daughter Teas. Debra’s focus is to serve our Lord Jesus. When asked, “What inspires you to help women?” Debra replied, “I told God, ‘I’ll be your girl!’” She has been on this journey ever since. Please join us at this year’s 2017 Ladies Retreat. Be encouraged by the messages brought by Debra as she helps to “Renew Your Heart & Find Hope in Christ”!

Heather Ashe

Indiana, PA

Heather Ashe, of Indiana, PA, has been married fifteen years and has three children, 13, 9, and 5. God has used motherhood as a spiritual training ground to grow and transform her in ways she never imagined possible. Heather has attended two MomHeart Leadership Intensive Trainings and serves her community by hostessing a weekly play group in her home and bi-monthly MomHeart meetings. Every day she is reminded of her need for her Savior and Lord and is so glad He will never let her go! Her desire is to write and speak to encourage women to trust God and bloom where they are planted. Heather can be found at lifeinthevalley.org.

Heather can be found at www.lifeinthevalley.org

Pam Graves

Lacey's Spring, AL

Pam Graves Turney is a mom of five children with a dream big spirit. She weaves her necessity to work outside the home with ministry to her community each day at Graves Grocery: A Community Rest stop, the place where the locals hang out for dining and conversation. Pam has taken the suffering of divorce and single parenting, has entrusted her hardships to her Creator and longs to glorify a God through her family business. After many years of being a single mom, God sent a wonderful man into her life and they were married last Fall. Pam has attended Mom Heart conferences since 2000 and has participated in four leadership intensives. Pam currently leads a monthly Mom Heart group as well as annual retreats.

Be sure to check out her blog at gravesgrocery.com

A Mom's Heart in IL

Ladies Retreat



Renewing Your Heart & Finding Hope in Christ



Saturday, Sept 30, 2017



Fairview Heights Church of Christ

9955 Bunkum Rd.

Fairview Heights, IL 62208



(includes light breakfast & lunch)